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for no reason at all, i let the sky fall.

Devilish Kurumi
13 April 1988
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This is the personal journal of Devilish Kurumi, also known as Kelly Mae or just plain Kelly. If you are looking for Devilish Kurumi's fanfiction-related work, please go to ficsdekurumi.

This journal is Friends-Only because I'm kind of paranoid and I don't want some people to read/post to my journal. I will probably friend you if you comment to the banner, though, so don't let that bother you.

I am (as is everyone on this part of the internet) an aspiring writer. I'm currently attending Whittier College, where I major in English with a creative writing emphasis, and plan on graduating in 2010. I write lots of fanfiction, including genfic, slashfic, and hetfic. I'm interested in pushing my boundaries when it comes to writing, so you'll see a lot of random things, depending on my mood.

I'm a Windows girl; I play mostly RPG video games and the Sims, as well as some DDR occasionally and other simulation games of that nature; I love comic movies more than the comics themselves; I'm online most of my free time; I love to read really random things; I listen to very odd kinds of music.

I've recently gotten into RPing, so if you're in to that, cool. Again, like with writing, I want to push my boundaries, so if you know a character you think I might really enjoy playing for the challenge or for whatever reason, let me know.

I think that's it. I rarely update my profile, so I want to keep this all vague.


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